2014-15 CTM Graduate Student Fellow Workshops


Binary Fluency: Creative Use of the CMOS Logic Family
ndan Byrne, CTM graduate fellowship lectures

Date: October 4
Location: Parsons
6 E 16th St – room 1206 New York, NY
Free. Registration required, 10 seats available.

The complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) logic family contains an array of integrated circuits that perform all the tasks necessary for rudimentary computation. Designed for applications that require raw electronic processing power, the speed at which these chips operate can be slowed and their binary processesrepurposed for creative applications. In this workshop, participants will learn how to utilize the functions of several chips from the CMOS family including the basic Boolean gates (AND, NOR, XOR, etc.), Schmitt trigger oscillators, frequency dividers, shift registers, and multiplexers. We will cover techniques for connecting the inputs and outputs of these chips to generate patterns for controlling software. Protocols for communication covered will include UART (Arduino serial), MIDI, and OSC. Finally, we will connect all projects together to form a giant modular controller. 

Details:  It is recommended, though not required, that participants have some electronics knowledge and are comfortable working with wires and breadboards.  If you have a code project, visualization, or electronic instrument that you’d like to automate in real-time using CMOS logic, please bring it!
Electronics kits will be provided, but please bring your own Arduino and breadboard.

Example Projects:
Teaser VIdeo: http://youtu.be/wNsVri5ZlDM
CMOS Pattern Synth: http://youtu.be/NHR7S4ocld4
CMOS MIDI Step Sequencer: http://youtu.be/IW9jQ0b7N4Y