2016: SCIFI & Biopolitics

Conference In Development
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“‘… the future of any artifact lies in the direction of increased flexibility capacity for change and ultimately mutation. Immortality may be seen as a by-product of function: “to shine in use.” Mutation involves changes that are literally unimaginable from the perspective of the future mutant. Coldblooded, nondreaming creatures living in the comparatively weightless medium of water could not conceive of breathing air, dreaming, and experiencing the force of gravity as a basic fact of life. There will be new fears like the fear of falling, new pleasures, and new necessities… Mutation is not a matter of logical choices… The human mutants must take a step into the unknown, a step that no human has taken before.
”  We were the first that ever burst into that silent sea.”‘
Immortality, W. S. Burroughs

Ed Keller, ‘ A Biopolitical Century? ‘,
at the A.C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination [UCSD] Inaugural conferences
Spring 2013