Marc Lafia: Art in the Age of Variability

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Marc Lafia- Art in the Age of Variability- Forensic Cinema Lecture
Auditorium A404, 66 West 12th Street, NY NY
Monday April 27, 7.00PM – 9.00PM
Free and Open to the Public

“[The Forensic]… a material investigation, something physical, closely observed, a method to unravel something, for me not so much evidence, but a system of inquiry. Not an enclosure but an opening of possibilities… [not] a flattening out, a unity or something totalizing… the forensic as being procedural.

If forensics pertained to law, I was thinking rules, algorithms, openings, lines of flight. If forensics was about things that had happened, I was interested in things yet to have happened. My sense then of a forensic cinema or forensic image then is not to bring forward evidence vis a vis law but to bring forward codes and rules that produce events. The works I will show you come from or emerge from instructions, procedures. It’s the instruction that yields the work. So what you will see are instances in envelopes of possibility. “

Marc Lafia: Marc’s photographs and films have screened and been exhibited at Rotterdam, the Tate Modern, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Canary Islands Architectural Biennial, The ICA London, and Node L. These works have been in seminal shows of the last decade including Net Condition at ZKM, Future Cinema at ZKM and the ICC Tokyo and Let’s Entertain at the Walker Art Center and the Georges Pompidou. Most recently he has a had solo show at the prestigious Minsheng Museum in Shanghai and exhibited at the Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, 2014

While creative director and chief information architect of he won best of show at SXSW, earned 3 New York Art Director’s Club awards, and awards from ID Magazine, Communications Arts and artandculture named art site of the year by Yahoo. Early in his career Marc worked with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Billy Idol and many other rock luminaries and was a writer/director in Los Angeles.

His book Image Photograph comes out on Punctum Press this spring.