FA 2012: The Future of Security


On October 24th, 2012, The Parsons Institute for Information Mapping [PIIM] and the Center for Transformative Media at The New School [CTM] hosted The Future of Security: Ethical Hacking, Big Data, and the Crowd. This event was a day long series of panels discussing emerging, disruptive forces changing the landscape of global security across a wide range of disciplines, and brought researchers, practitioners, and security professionals together to explore what might be broadly characterized as the current [and rapidly evolving] global security landscape.

Key panels included the following topic areas:

  • Ethical Hacking / Hacktivism- Emerging landscapes of identity and anonymity in a networked world.
  • The impact and future of open source tools and resources.
  • Big Data and Networks “Just-in-time” Support for governments, industry and organizations during crises.
  • The future landscape of national and global network security, new forms of sovereignty.
  • Understanding the use, misuse and linking of broad topical datasets.
  • Real-time monitoring and social network exchanges.
  • Crowd-sourced data exchange, walled-garden networks, and Kickstarter funded hardware and software hacks.
  • Impacts of open data structures on health networks and crisis response.
  • Citizens and sensors and the changing landscape of privacy.

The conference was developed by PIIM and CTM as an extension of research begun in 2011 with several separate projects, including Parsons The New School for Design entry in the ‘Digital Media and Learning Competition’, a yearly event which focused in 2011/12 on the emerging use of digital badges and alternate credentialing systems in online learning and the potential for new ‘open badges’ credentialing to be deployed in citizen science, hacktivist, and crisis response scenarios.
PIIM & CTM: The Future of Security Conference Fall 2012

For more information, visit the Future of Security website.