Preview screening: ‘Revolution of the Present’ by Marc Lafia

‘Revolution of the Present’
Glass Corner, Room E206
25 East 13th street, 2nd floor, NY NY
Dec 5th.  between 6PM and 10PM

Presented by CTM, this event is a New School [faculty and students] only screening, and will include an introduction of the film Revolution of the Present by Marc Lafia, and a post-screening panel discussion with invited guests.  Seating is strictly limited to 30; registration via Eventbrite is required.

Guest panelists include Natalie Jeremijenko, Evan Calder Williams, and others TBA.

Revolution of the Present brings together international philosophers, scientists, artists and business leaders to give description and analysis to the contemporary moment as defined by networks.  The film looks at the histories of thought, of nationhood, of mapping, being, and love, of consciousness and appetite, framing them as a series of networks, intersecting, overlapping, colliding at all angles and speeds.

Interviewees include: Wendy Chun, Florian Cramer, Cathy N. Davidson, Manuel deLanda, James Delbourgo, Alex Galloway, Michael Hardt, Natalie Jeremijenko, Greg Lindsay, Geert Lovink, Anthony Pagden, Saskia Sassen, Nushant Shah, and Kazys Varnelis.