Monthly Archives: March 2018

The Trauma of the Earth: Lecture by Julius Greve

In early 2018, Julius Greve gave a lecture he called, On the Decomposition of Nature in Cormac McCarthy’s Fiction. How to rethink trauma in the context of today’s turn to the question concerning materiality in the humanities? What is the role of fiction in the delineation of concepts of nature that resonate with, but are partially independent of, those forged in and by philosophical discourse? Julius Greve traces the concept of nature in the work of American writer Cormac McCarthy, as it is construed by literary rather than philosophical means, rendering visible a transhistorical and transatlantic constellation, including schools of thought such as Schellingian philosophies of nature and speculative realism.

CTM hosted Greve for this lecture. He also joined a seminar session in Post Planetary Design as a guest.