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Post Genre Instruments, Drone, and the Limits of Guitar

April 27 1030 AM – 6PM
Kellen Auditorium 66 Fifth Avenue

April 28 12 Noon – 7pm
Starr Lecture Hall, UL 102  63 Fifth Avenue

Juan Azulay    Ezio Blasetti    Jason Brogan        Wendy Eisenberg
Sandy Ewen    Tanya Kalmanovitch    Martin Keith    Ed Keller
Clara Latham    Matteo Liberatore    Joe Ravo    Aron Sanchez
Elliott Sharp    Ola Strandberg  Kazys Varnelis
and with
The Limits of Guitar Design students

“If you want to play it, it’s a good guitar. If it does you harm, it’s a bad guitar. Some guitars are both good and bad at the same time.’
Markus Reuter

“The end goal is identifying every music maker in the space and their works past and present… accelerating and improving collaboration …” The future of Mycelia is about “decentralised, open governance, looking to nature and viable systems thinking for direction… it’s about earning, adapting, sharing… as a self-sustaining organism.” Imogen Heap

“The mechanisms of cognitive capital rely on a totalizing capture of modes of affect. Ballard thought we were passing through the death of affect. He was to some extent wrong, as that was temporary, or a partial characterization of affect. We have entered a new epoch of total affect. Drone/ambient is a musical practice which in part relies on somatic activation of modes of affect deeply embedded in the neurophysiological regions which today’s cognitive capitalism also operates on. Some forms of drone could be understood to resist these inarticulate mechanisms of capital…”   – Ed Keller

What forms of sound, what types of musical instruments, will be uniquely able in our contemporary world to support a radical philosophy of music, going beyond current limits of aesthetics and politics in sound?  The potential neurophysiologies of drone can be understood as a catalyst toward a fundamental pulse; a collective practice of musical cognition, both conscious and sub-conscious. We have entered a new epoch of total affect.

SONIC PHARMAKON brings musicians, luthiers, composers, guitarists, theorists, designers, and technologists together to explore the sonic landscapes that might be invoked to resist the inarticulate mechanisms of capital.


[some lineups may change]

April 27 1030 AM – 6PM
Kellen Auditorium 66 Fifth Avenue

1030 AM doors open
1045 welcoming remarks Ed Keller, Tanya Kalmanovitch

11 AM- 1 PM Luthiers and Instrument Designers Panel
Martin Keith [talk], Aron Sanchez [talk], Ola Strandberg [talk]
with Joe Ravo, discussant

1PM- 145 PM demonstration performances on instruments 

145 PM – 215 PM break  Instrument Design Students, setup and ambient intervention
215 – 3PM  Instrument Design Students, selected demonstrations / performances

3 – 430 PM  Panel on Form, Instrument, and System design at network/planetary scale
Ed Keller [Planetary Affect];  Juan Azulay [near future of networked sound on blockchain],
Ezio Blasetti [formally coding complex systems]; Elliott Sharp [talk: The Implicate Drone]
Panel discussion leads into E# solo set.

430-530 PM Elliott Sharp on Strandberg guitars: performance
Elliott Sharp solo

530 PM – 615 PM 
TBC:  ‘Strandberg Array’ guitar excursion with 4-5 gtrs. and hands on deck

April 28 12 Noon – 7pm
Starr Lecture Hall, UL 102  63 Fifth Avenue

12 Noon doors open
1215 PM  Welcoming remarks: Ed Keller, Tanya Kalmanovitch

1230 – 2 PM Noise, Sound, Drone, Cognition Panel
Talks by Tanya Kalmanovitch, Kazys Varnelis, Clara Latham
Sandy Ewen and Jason Brogan discussants

2-3 PM performances  Sandy Ewen, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Clara Latham

3 – 330 PM COFFEE break

3PM- 4 PM Instrument Design Students, setup and ambient intervention

4-530 PM The Instrument at the Limit
Talks by Matteo Liberatore, Wendy Eisenberg
Tanya Kalmanovitch, Joe Ravo, Elliott Sharp discussants

530-630 PM Solo performances Matteo Liberatore, Wendy Eisenberg

630-730+ Ensemble performs Elliott Sharp APERTA HORTIS composition
Lineup TBC: Clara, Matteo, Sandy, Joe, Wendy, Tanya, Ed,  et al.


Sponsored by The Innovation in Education Fund; The Center for Transformative Media;
Strandberg Guitars; RealityCode

SELECTED PARTICIPANTS in ‘LIMITS / FUTURE of GUITAR​’ events since 2013 have included: Marco ​Capelli​, Perry ​Hall​, Fred ​Hand​, Ratzo ​Harris​, Charlie ​Hunter​, Sharon ​Isbin​, Saul ​Koll​, Gary ​Lee​, Allan Marcus​, Michi ​Matsuda​, Ava ​Mendoza​, Dom ​Minasi​, Michael ​Newman​, Laura ​Oltman​, Ken ​Parker​, Joe ​Ravo​, Gyan ​Riley​, Barry ​Salmon​, Aron ​Sanchez​, Elliott ​Sharp​, Ned ​Steinberger​, Ola ​Strandberg​, Harvey ​Valdes​, Florian ​Vorreiter​, and Charles ​Yang​.

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