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DesignExRisk: Robin Hanson


Design and Existential Risk
2010 lecture series @ Parsons
As we enter the second decade of the 21st Century, we are challenged by unprecedented planetary scale events:  resource wars, climate change, emerging diseases- which increase in frequency and pose unprecedented problems for mapping and design. What can the role be for design when the reality that faces us is more extraordinary than the worlds we have imagined in science fiction?
organized by Ed Keller
supported by the Parsons Dean’s Office

Conference site: Design ExRisk

Vimeo: Design ExRisk Channel

UStream [all lectures]: DesignExRisk stream


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TranshumanismMeetsDesign-lgOn May 14-15 2011, Humanity+  partnered with Parsons The New School for Design in New York City to present Transhumanism Meets Design, a conference co-chaired by Ed Keller, Associate Dean of Distributed Learning at Parsons and Natasha Vita-More, Chairperson of Humanity+. The conference explored emerging technology, transdisciplinary design, culture, media theory and biotech.

The conference brought together futurists, cyberneticists, life extensionists, singularity advocates, A[G]I and robotics experts, human enhancement specialists, inventors, ethicists, philosophers, and theorists to meet with the creativity and rigorous scholarship of design at Parsons.
Conference co-chairs: Ed Keller, Natasha Vita-More
Conference website:  Transhumanism Meets Design
Vimeo channel: Humanity+

Selected talks/panels: