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Perry Hall: Painting Far From Equilibrium

11088395_10152826126245945_1178770082172517695_nPerry Hall: Painting Far From Equilibrium –  Lecture
Auditorium A404, 66 West 12th Street, NY NY
Monday April 6
7.00PM – 9.00PM
Free and Open to the Public

Perry Hall approaches painting as a time-based medium similar to choreography or improvising music. He creates the traditional line form color surface but also adds painting behavior- ways in which paint transforms and moves over time. His artworks, which integrate painting and filmmaking, are created by using natural dynamic forces (turbulence, thermodynamics, magnetism, gravity, chemical reactions) instead of digital processes or “static” painting techniques. His ongoing project explores the relationship between painting, nature and technology.


Perry Hall: Sound Drawings – Lecture
Klein Conference Room A510, 66 West 12th Street, NY NY
Monday April 20th, 7.00PM – 9.00PM
Free and Open to the Public

In his Sound Drawings, he channels sound from an electric bass into vessels containing paint and by changing the qualities of the sound he “plays” the paint like a musical instrument. The artist discusses his innovative work, which is a meditation on synesthesia, painting, technology and the dynamic systems found in nature. The talk will include a screening of Alive Violet Frequency, a collaboration with Parsons CTM fellow Elliott Sharp; the commissioned work, which combines sound drawings with live musical improvisation, recently premiered at the 2015 Adelaide Festival in Australia.


Perry Hall  2014-15  Artist/Fellow
Perry Hall’s unique painting films have been exhibited internationally in venues including the Smithsonian National Design Museum in New York, Artists Space in New York, The New World Symphony in Miami, The Tokyo Art Fair in Tokyo, Japan and are part of the permanent collection of the Centre FRAC in Orleans, France. His artwork can be seen in the Academy Award winning Robin Williams film What Dreams May Come and more recently in Scarlett Johansson’s eyes in Luc Besson’s motion picture Lucy. He is also a wildly imaginative electric bassist who has performed with drummer Matt Chamberlain (of Tori Amos / David Bowie fame), composer Paul Dresher, and written music for choreographer Margaret Jenkins. His sound and music has been heard at the United Kingdom’s Blinc Festival, the Smithsonian’s National Design Museum in New York, The American Museum of the Moving Image in New York, Theatre Artaud in San Francisco, The San Francisco Art Institute and in Sonified, a video camera which translates visual information into sound; Perry creates all the music for these projects entirely on electric bass. In his paintings he uses a set of experimental techniques that draw upon the organizing principles found in nature; his Livepaintings (time-based paintings) are created by stimulating paint with temperature changes, vibration, turbulence and various substances, transforming paint flows into compositions he captures onto film. In his Sound Drawings, sound waves from electric bass are channeled into a vessel containing paints, and by changing the qualities of the sound he “plays” the paint like a musical instrument and creates visual compositions. His innovative work is a collaboration with “material intelligence” and a meditation on the dynamics found in nature.

Previous CTM Fellows have included Nandita Biswas Mellamphy & Dan Mellamphy [2012-13]; Evan Calder Williams [2013-14]; and Elliott Sharp [2014-15].