Daniel Perlin: Visiting Fellow workshops



Daniel Perlin
CTM Visiting Fellow 2015

Workshops: Listening Exercises
Free and open to public

March 12, 7.30-9.30PM
room A404, The New School, 66 West 12th Street, NY

May 4, 7.30-9.30PM
room A510, The New School, 66 West 12th Street, NY

How do we listen? What do we listen to? Why should we listen? When?
Listening to how we listen. Learning to see with our ears. Listening with our bodies. Sound is waves. Waves are everywhere. Like any muscle, like any skill, we can learn to listen better, alone and together. Listening exercises are sessions to address these questions and increase our abilities to listen better to ourselves, others and the worlds around us.

Listening exercises will be structured as such:
First part, a brief overview of the histories, trajectories and strategies of listening.
Second part: Group and individual exercises
As a reference for exercises (second part) please see this publication by princeton architecture of the exercise:

Daniel Perlin likes making experiences, and believes that the best way to make good things is by listening closely. Daniel got his start making work with things that make sound such as music, film, objects and sometimes spaces. After some years spent in Rio de Janeiro, where he worked in film and made work, he returned to New York where he attended NYU’s ITP program and the Whitney Independent Study program. During that time, he began Perlin Studios in Brooklyn.

Daniel is an artist and designer who believes in listening closely. He has had the privilege of making things that cross many disciplines including sounds, interactive designs, objects, installations and performances. Recent work has included a solo performance at MoMA for the Lygia Clark Exhibition, an installation for the Costa Rica Pavillion in the Venice Biennial of Architecture, interactive work for Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle and a kinetic speaker in São Paulo.

He has worked with such people, places and things as Google, Vito Acconci, Maya Lin, Errol Morris, Todd Solondz, IBM, Domus Magazine, The Whitney, PS1 the Cooper Hewitt and The New Museums. Currently, Daniel is the Director of UX at Droga5, an agency in New York, and runs Perlin Studios in Brooklyn. Daniel is also an artist fellow at the Center for Transformative Media at Parsons, a graduate program in media and design.

In addition, sometimes Daniel teaches a class or sits on panels where he likes to talk about people, design, sound and cities. He occasionally makes mix-tapes and DJs for the Storefront for Art and Architecture, Domus and and Pin-Up. He currently lives in downtown Brooklyn and likes to ride his new red bicycle.

Daniel can be found at